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I have partnered with small business owners, executives, and mid-level managers since 1996 to set strategy, make decisions, solve problems, and increase bottom line success using the Microsoft technology they’re already paying for.

Unused and misused technology remains the biggest opportunity for rapid and sizable improvement in businesses, whether large or small. Microsoft 365 gives small and mid-sized businesses functionality that was previously only available to mega-corporations with deep pockets.

For example, setting up this Microsoft 365 Bookings page was free using a basic function of 365 that you're likely already paying for. On that page, you can book a free 1-hour consultation with me to discuss 365's potential for your business. It limits appointments to those days/hours I'm willing to meet while at the same time referencing my Outlook calendar to ensure there are no conflicts. Do you have customer scheduling processes that could leverage such technology?

There is a gold mine of functionality in your current 365 licensing just waiting to save you massive amounts of time and money. Let's discuss (with no obligation) how you can quickly improve your business processes, whether I am involved or not!

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Arnie Howes
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