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Marketing to attract seniors

Online Marketing Tips to Attract Seniors

If you’re looking to market specifically to seniors and other older demographics, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Ditch the fear. Don’t scare people into buying your product or service. It’s not nice and you’re better off promoting value or making it easy to buy from you. Seniors don’t want any hassle. If you make them feel comfortable, you’re more likely to get the sale.
  • Use the right kind of social media: Seniors are the fastest-growing segment on Facebook currently. In fact, half of seniors in the US are active Facebook users. Share pictures, articles, and clips. Stay away from asking for personal information.
  • Try a few marketing channels until you find the right one(s). Facebook is the most popular, but some seniors are also on Insta. A few are on Twitter or TikTok. A Facebook group may work for you too. Try different channels until you find the right level of interaction to make it worth your while. Many seniors won’t buy directly from social, but you can still work on top-of-mind conversions and leading them into your physical business from online.
  • Clear the clutter. Seniors don’t want to waste their time scanning through a lot of junk. Get to the point with clear content, appealing visuals, and a call to action. Don’t hide content in weird spots on your site. They don’t want to search for the info they need. Most seniors prefer clear headers and tabs to long, scrolling design. Make clickable areas large to help unsteady hands.
  • Use video. Clear, concise videos can help walk someone through a process, especially if they have difficulty reading. Chatbots can also help, although some seniors find this annoying and concerning.
  • Black ink, please. Light ink and fancy fonts are hard to read. Stick with black and get rid of scrolling fonts. Larger font size is also a good idea. 

Attracting Seniors to Your Physical Business

To make your physical business location more appealing to senior citizens, you should consider the following strategies:

  • Create an age-friendly environment: Ensure your business premises are easily accessible. Make sure there are ramps or elevators for those with mobility issues, clear signage, well-lit areas, and comfortable seating. Wider aisles or space between seats is also advisable.
  • Train your staff: Provide customer service training to your employees specifically focused on understanding and meeting the needs of senior citizens. Sensitize them to be patient, respectful, and helpful toward older customers.
  • Offer senior discounts: Implement a senior discount program to attract older customers. Offer a percentage off the total bill, special pricing on specific products or services, or loyalty programs tailored to seniors.
  • Simplify your communication: Make sure your marketing materials, signage, and website are designed with larger fonts and clear, easy-to-read text. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that may be confusing for seniors. Offer non-digital options.
  • Provide assistance: Assign staff members to assist seniors with any specific needs they may have, such as carrying their bags, providing personal shopping assistance, or offering guidance on product selection.
  • Offer educational workshops or classes: Organize workshops or classes on topics of interest to seniors.  You could also partner with another business to co-host an event or expo. This not only attracts older customers but also positions your business as a resource for their needs. They will connect with you and think of you as their first stop.
  • Build community partnerships: Collaborate with local senior centers, retirement communities, or other organizations that serve seniors.
  • Incorporate senior-friendly products: Stock your inventory with products that cater to the specific needs and preferences of seniors. This could include items like ergonomic furniture, assistive devices, comfortable clothing, or health and wellness products.
  • Seek feedback and adapt: Actively seek feedback from your senior customers to understand their experience and identify areas for improvement. Incorporate their suggestions to continuously enhance your business's appeal.

Keep in mind that people over 65 are a diverse group, and their preferences may vary. It's important to listen, be flexible, and continuously adapt your approach to meet their changing needs.

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