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Fire Up Your Email Marketing with These Action-Driving Subject Lines

You want to do more than just be recognizable and remain top-of-mind.

As a business owner, you are well-served by collecting emails and running an email marketing campaign if for no other reason than to remain top-of-mind with your customers. When they're getting emails from you with exciting news and great deals (who couldn't use those these days?) they'll get used to hearing from you and seeing your name.

But you want to do more than just be recognizable and remain top-of-mind. You want your emails to drive purchases. Even if you don't sell online, emails are an excellent motivator and nurturer for in-person purchases - if you can get recipients to open them.

The Trick to Email Opens

There are two things that motivate people to open your emails - the sender and the subject line. Additionally, it helps if you're sending them at a time when the recipient isn't overwhelmed by other emails or in a hurry. Sending it when you're not competing for attention is a good thing.

But since it's difficult to know when someone is coming back from vacation or just broke up with their significant other (and so not in the mood to read anything), let's concentrate on what you can control - the subject line.

Examples of Great Subject Lines

I get a lot of junk and I haven't seen inbox zero in my personal email since I opened the account. But here are a few subject lines that stood out to me and why I thought they were great pieces of email marketing.

Subject: I'm So Sorry Patty :(

Is that a cliff hanger or what? It's personalized to me, so it doesn't look like a generic email (although it is). And they somehow think they have wronged me. Of course I'm going to open it because...curiosity makes me.

This is not a subject like you can use all the time. Save it for special occasions when you want to get someone's attention. It's perfect if you sent out a notice for a time-sensitive promotion that your recipient didn't take advantage of. You can resend it with this subject line and copy that reads, sorry you missed this spectacular...

Then proceed to extend the deal after you've made them wish they could turn back time.

Subject: Have You Seen These Crazy New Snack Container

Another great example of curiosity driving an email open. What is this new crazy snack container? What could be so crazy about it?

I need to know.

You can use this technique for anything from a new item in your store to a new food you're offering. You can also use it for a trend like "Have you heard about the latest whacky AI tool?"

Subject: Don't Miss Out! Fill Up Today and Save 15¢ per Gallon

Nothing like using fear of missing out and a deadline of today. Am I running out to get gas now? I would if I wasn't such a homebody. 15¢ per gallon is a big savings.

Give your audience a deadline and be direct about what you're offering.

Subject: You Can Punch Me In the Face...If You Register and Attend

This guy is a very well-paid speaker and speaker trainer. He's not at all buttoned up and stodgy so this tone works perfectly with his audience.

He also uses curiosity to drive clicks. When can I punch him in the face and why would I want to?

You don't have to promote violence your messaging, but you can say something equally as interesting like "You can buy me a coffee and cell me your bestie." Or "If you don't agree, I'll buy you a drink." Everyone will want to know what they should not be agreeing to.

Subject: Simple Lifestyle Hack For Better Sleep 😴

I often write about the importance of knowing your audience. What is one problem that seems to plague all of us these days (besides feeling like you have to take out a mortgage when you go to the grocery store)?

A lack of sleep (or insert whatever other common problem your audience faces).

Who couldn't use this? Makes you want to click doesn't it?

Finally, while these are fun examples, it's important not to take advantage of your audience. Don't offer then something that they won't get (no promising images of Bigfoot unless you really have them) when they click. Click bait is the worst and it takes advantage of the trust they've extended you.

It will only happen once and then they'll probably never click on any of your other emails.

Have some fun but always deliver on your promises.
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