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Championing the Micro Businesses

How Chambers can make a Big Difference this Holiday Season

Small Business Season is the perfect time for chambers of commerce to rally around the local businesses that make our communities unique. These businesses are the backbone of our economies, and they need our support because many of them earn a bulk of their annual revenue during these next few weeks.
While making a commitment to supporting small business has become much more popular over the last few years, there are many types of small businesses. And some of them go unnoticed. These micro businesses need community support. By providing them with that support, we can foster community goodwill, promote collaboration, and be seen as advocates for business startups, a reputation that has far-reaching implications outside of the holiday

The Diverse Landscape of Small Businesses

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. They are comprised of a wide range of sectors, some of which go unnoticed. Here are a few examples of small businesses that you may not think about:

01. Artisans and Crafters

Many talented artisans create beautiful, handcrafted products, form jewelry and clothing to home decor and artwork. They often operate form home or at local markets.

02. Garage or Basement Entrepreneurs

These resourceful individuals turn their hobbies or innovative ideas into small businesses, operating form their own hoes or small workspaces. Even Apple started this way.

03. Farmers Market Businesses

Local farmers and food producers rely on farmers' markets to showcase their fresh produce, artisanal foods, and handmade goods.

04. Online Businesses

E-Commerce has opened doors for a plethora of online businesses. From online retailers to e-learning platforms, these digital entrepreneurs contribute significantly to the economy.

Supporting Micro and Solopreneur Businesses

Supporting one-person businesses, often referred to as solopreneurs, during the holidays is a wonderful way to help them thrive and celebrate the season of giving. Here are several ways you can support and assist on-person businesses during this time:

Promote Local Shopping

Encourage community members to by from small businesses, both in-store and online, especially during the holiday season. Use social media, newsletters, and local events to promote these businesses. Not having a brick-and-mortar puts them at a disadvantage so they need your help to become top of mind.

Attend Workshops or Classes

If solopreneurs offer workshops, classes, or events, consider participating or encouraging others to do so. Learning from them or engaging in their activities can be an excellent way to support their business.

Gift Their Services

Purchase gift certificates or services from solopreneurs to give as gifts. This not only supports their business (and gives them the money they need to grow) but also introduces their offerings to new potential customers.

Leave Positive Reviews

Share your positive experiences with one-person businesses by leaving reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, or social media. Encourage others to do the same. Positive reviews can significantly impact their online reputation.


The smallest of business can seek opportunities for collaboration with (larger) small businesses. If they have complementary businesses or services, they can partner for joint promotions or events.

Lend Emotional Support

The holiday season can be stressful for small business owners. Reach our to offer emotional support, whether it's a friendly chat, an empathic ear, or a word of encouragement.
Remember, your support can go a long way in helping one-person businesses not only during the holiday season but throughout the year. It's a powerful way to foster a sense of community, encourage entrepreneurship, and make a positive impact on their success and well-being.

Why Supporting Micro Businesses is Important

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. They are comprised of a wide range of sectors, some of which go unnoticed. Here are a few examples of small businesses that you may not think about:

Community Goodwill

Supporting all small businesses demonstrates a genuine commitment to the local community. This goodwill can foster a sense of trust and appreciation.

Law of Reciprocity

By offering support without immediate expectation, you can harness the powerful law of reciprocity. If you help a micro business, it may have a large impact on them and they may be more inclined to reciprocate this support in the future.

Advocating for Startups

Demonstrating support for fledgling businesses can attract entrepreneurs and innovators who appreciate your commitment to helping them thrive.

This holiday and Small Business Season, you have an unique opportunity to make a significant impact on small businesses and the communities they serve. By focusing on various types of small businesses, including those that often go unnoticed, you can champion local economic growth and foster goodwill.
So, let's work together and support our small businesses (even the tiniest of operations), ensuring a brighter future for all and growth for our community.
Small Business Season is not just a campaign; It's a movement to support the backbone of our communities. Together, let's make this year's holiday the most prosperous yet for our local community.
Join us for Small Business Season!
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